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    Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots

    Session 1

    The Seed of Hope

    09:30 – 10:00

    What will be left of the world when we’re done with it? Deforestation, unmitigated pollution and corporate exploitation have become commonplace, even as communities around the world become mired in violent conflict and economic hardship. Yet, in these most uncertain of time, can we come together in the interest of humanity and plant the seeds for a better tomorrow? Join DR JANE GOODALL, DBE, famed primatologist and anthropologist, in discovering why all is not lost.

  • Erica Orange

    Executive Vice President & Chief Operation Officer

    The Future Hunters

    Session 2

    Age of Templosion: Impending Doom

    10:30 – 11:10

    The exponential pace of technological innovation is leading to a world of templosion, where very big things happen in increasingly compressed amounts of time. Recent writings on the state of the world today are often laced with alarming note s on the impending doom of mankind. Such notes pertain, among others, to the increasing economic discrepancies between the rich and the poor, the rapid increase in population growth, the cumulative destruction of the natural habitat and the rapidly growing powers unleashed by modern science and technology. They all signify issues, problems and challenges that countries and nations inherit from the last millennium. The curious question is how exactly do we survive comparatively fare in this context?

  • Surina Shukri

    Chief Executive Officer

    Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

    Session 3

    Humanity in Digital World

    11:10 – 11:50

    Technological advancements can provide opportunities for humanity to gain – but only if one is willing to adapt. This session explores the relationship between digital transformation and human transformation, and how these synergies should go hand in hand with a growth mindset.

  • Freaky Clown

    Co-Founder & Head of Ethical Hacking


    Session 3

    Invincible Threats: Digital Challenges In Our Lives

    11:50 – 12:30

    Given that much of our lives now exist in the digital space, it is essential for us to consider the greater digital challenges that exist. The session brings to light how digital technology can impact our lives, from the most pressing intellectual and emotional experiences, to some of the most prosaic and everyday aspects of our existence.

  • Panel Session 1

    Doom or Bloom: The Tipping Point

    12:30 – 13:00

    Humanity has always faced threats to its global survival. Previously it was asteroids, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Now, however, the greatest risks we face may be of our own making; a result of unchecked globalisation and scientific progress. With increased global connectivity and the rise of digital disruptions coupled with a shift in demographics, the next 20 years are likely to bring more changes - and challenges - to humanity than the past 300 years. This panel session brings together a diverse set of leaders to provide a holistic view on how humanity has been redefined as a result of these megatrends.

    Moderated by

    Nurhisham Hussein

    Employees Provident Fund of Malaysia.


    Erica Orange, Surina Shukri, FC

  • Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid

    Economic Adviser to the Malaysian Prime Minister

    Session 5

    Shaping Destiny to Ensure Equitable Well-Being

    14:00 – 14:35

    Rapid changes in today’s world have caused a rise in inequality within countries and diminished the level of well-being of their citizens. This session emphasises on the need to act now to ensure that economic growth is equitably shared, thus creating the foundation of a stable and prosperous society.

  • Doc Hendley


    Wine to Water

    Session 6

    Making the world a better place: Necessities for all

    14:35 – 15:10

    Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. In this session, Doc Henley will share inspirational stories on what moves him to take action, and his experiences in helping build clean water wells and sanitation systems in countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Cambodia.

  • Dzameer Dzulkifli


    Teach For Malaysia

    Session 7

    Nurturing Talents of Tomorrow

    15:10 – 15:40

    Inclusivity and quality make up two core components to education which can directly impact the long term and sustainable development of individuals. This session shares efforts undertaken by Teach for Malaysia under the leadership of Dzameer Dzulkifli as he highlights the importance of nurturing talents for tomorrow

  • Gillian Tee

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder


    Session 8

    Future of Ageing

    15:55 – 16:30

    One of the main challenges in the South East Asian region is that of the ageing nation. How do we contribute to the development of a nation whilst taking care of those who are in need of social services, especially the elderly? Gillian Tee shares her experiences in tackling this complex problem head-on through her work with Homage.

  • Panel Session 2

    Pick the Smallest Problem You Can Solve

    16:30 – 17:10

    Every step we take in this ever-changing times requires some form of sacrifice, suffering or struggle. When we find ourselves at these ‘crossroads of change’, we can choose to forget everything and run – or face everything and rise. This panel session features individuals who have chosen the latter, and continue to make a difference in society today. They serve as a testament that small actions truly can make big changes.

    Moderated by

    co-host representative, Aberdeen


    Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid, Doc Henley, zameer Dzulkifli, Gillian Tee



  • Malene Rydahl

    Author of Happy as a Dane

    Session 9

    Well Being: The New Paradigm

    09:15 – 09:55

    The world has changed; so isn’t it time our definition of well-being changes as well? This sessions aims to illuminate a new perspective for well-being relevant to this day and age, in the context of the national agenda. It will explore aspects such as the measurement of well-being and best practices on how a nation with better levels of well-being can prosper and thrive.

  • Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

    Trust Furturist & Innovation Strategist

    Session 10

    Rethinking “Trust” and “Marketing” In The Digital Economy

    10:10 am – 10:50 am

    Trust is a crucial ingredient to innovation; and is especially essential when it comes to marketing in the digital era. The session will unearth deep human insights and synthesise complex inputs into simple propositions while introducing a structured methodology for building the concept of trust in order to realise exponential value in the digital economy whilst ensuring well-being.

  • Chandran Nair


    Global Institute for Tomorrow

    Session 12

    The Sustainable State:The Future of Government, Economy, and Society

    10:50 – 11:30

    Given the challenges of the 21st Century, both advanced and developing economies are searching for ways to become more sustainable. This session emphasises how individuals, organisations as well as Governments must act now to safeguard social well-being for its citizens and society as a foundation for brighter future.

  • Panel Session 3

    Fighting For A Better Tomorrow

    11.30 – 12.10

    As we move forward into the future, we will be presented with opportunities to revolutionise, transcend and reinvent the way we live like never before. But as with any sweeping change, there will be those who are left behind, and it is our responsibility to ensure that all segments of society are accounted for. To do this, we must relook, redesign and redefine policies to strike the right balance between progress and well-being. In this panel, renowned thought leaders from all over the globe will share ideas and aspirations moving forward, all aimed at inspiring and motivating policymakers to fight for a better tomorrow – for everyone.

    Moderated by

    Moderated by co-host representative, Amundi Asset Management


    Malene Rydahl, Andreas Ekstrom, Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, Chandran Nair

  • Closing

    Alizakri Alias

    Chief Executive Officer, Employees Provident Fund

    12:10- 12:30